Product Management in Outsourcing

Don't mix innovation with value. On July 21, 2015, SoftServe hosted a webinar dedicated to Product Management in Outsourcing. Our high-spirited duo of Service Product Management (SPM) experts, Roman Kolodchak and Roman Pavlyuk, are on hand to discuss the best practices of Outsourcing Product Management.

Our webinar digs into the nucleus of product management in outsourcing and covers a range of questions, among which:

  • Can Product Management be outsourced?
  • Which type best fits your business?
  • What are the key roles & responsibilities for product manager in outsourcing?
  • What do customers expect from you and how to quench their needs?

A product manager plays a pivotal role in the product development. A skilled product manager will make sure the product meets the market needs and is fully aligned with implementation capabilities. In outsourcing, the product manager needs to represent the “voice of the market” for outsourcing vendor and drive success of the product for the product owner company.